5 Furniture Pieces to Inspire Your French Country Bedroom

5 Furniture Pieces to Inspire Your French Country Bedroom

Feb 1st 2022

Are you planning on decorating your bedroom with a romantic, inviting, and enamoring style but aren’t sure which style out of the many to choose? We have two words for you: French country.

French country style is one that is inspired by the aesthetic put forth by homes in the countryside of France. This casually elegant style is one that is popular the world over– and it’s really no surprise as to why. It is a symphonic blending of rustic and refined furniture pieces that all the while evokes a feeling of peace, tranquility, and warmth.

Fortunately, we here at Eloquence pride ourselves on our French-style furniture pieces and accompanying accents to bring such emotions to your home. However, we know that it can also be difficult to find the perfect pieces on your own to add to your French country bedroom.

That is precisely why we have elected to inspire you with five particularly alluring pieces with which to adorn your French country-styled bedroom. With this inspiration, you can be one huge leap closer to perfectly decorating your bedroom– and feeling at home in it every moment of every day.

1.Eloquence Olympia Bed

                                   The Eloquence Olympia Bed.

One of the most integral parts of any bedroom, no matter the style, is undoubtedly the bed. With the French country style, however, there is special attention paid to the headboard (and, on occasion, the footboard). That is why we offer you this stunning inspirational piece: the Eloquence Olympia Bed.

While this bed comes in two color options, the commonly popular choice tends to be the Olympia bed in sand dune linen and coral white with a gilt finish. The wooden frame has been hand-carved, which speaks to its remarkable intricacy, and offers delicate floral carvings. With its Gustavian tapered legs and scooped corners, this is truly a remarkable piece that can 

properly emulate your desired French country style.

2.Bronte Nightstands
While your bed is excessively important to your bedroom, it would be a great disservice to leave it sitting exclusively in your bedroom. That is why the addition of nightstands– one on either side– is highly recommended for properly acquiring your French country bedroom ideal.

We highly recommend the addition of two of our Bronte nightstands. These were created with a Provincial antique wedding commode in mind. With its hand-carved floral design, which symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, it’s easy to fall head over heels with these complementary pieces.

As an added bonus, they have two choices in finish: fleur de lis and weathered white. Fleur de lis would be perfect for those looking to add a hint of weathered gold into their bedroom’s look, while weathered white is optimal for those who’d care for more of a solid-colored accent.

3.Bronte Dresser or Commode

                                     Eloquence® Bronte Nightstand in Fleur de Lis Finish

When it comes to the dresser or commode you place in your French country-styled bedroom, it is recommended that it match your nightstands. This suiting will bring your entire bedroom together, affording it a uniquely uniform ambiance and flair.

Hence why we suggest both our Bronte dresser and Bronte commode. Both of these stunning pieces come in two options of colors that match the aforementioned schemes of the Bronte nightstands, making them seamless for matching.

The Bronte dresser, in particular, not only provides your bedroom with a bountiful elegance but also adds an abundance of storage space within its six drawers. The Bronte commode affords you the same eloquent visuality but has three large drawers instead of six. Whether you choose the Bronte dresser or commode, your French country bedroom will be significantly better for it.

4.Renaissance Mirror

Your dresser can have its design furthered with the addition of a wall mirror directly above it. A mirror is such a popular choice for interior design in styles of all kinds because it sublimely opens the space it’s in, provides practical use, and even invites more light into the entire room it’s in.

One such wall mirror that truly accomplishes the look you’re after in your French country bedroom is the Eloquence Renaissance mirror. It comes in two separate finish options (lime-washed oak and gilt oak), both of which are truly enamoring and can provide your room with the aesthetic you require easily without being too overbearing or unapparent.

5.King Boudoir Bench in Fog Linen and Antique White Finish

                                               King Boudoir Bench in Fog Linen and Antique White Finish

If you have the space for it, then the addition of a bench at the foot of your bed will undeniably be worth it. However, your bench should match your bed’s frame, which is why we suggest the King Boudoir bench in fog linen and antique white finish for your Olympia bed.

This stunning piece is hand-crafted and has fluted Louis XVI-styled legs, bringing effortless chic and sophistication to your bedroom. Not only that but it even provides a practical purpose, as it’s excellent for sitting, relaxing, and even changing your shoes to slippers. A throw pillow on top adds a touch of relaxation to your bench and room altogether.

Now that you have unequivocally acquired inspiration for adorning your French country bedroom, be sure to browse all of our high-quality furniture offerings here at Eloquence. If you have any questions, give us a call at (310)-876-0661.

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