4 Ways to Your Antique Style Settee Can Adorn Your Home

4 Ways to Your Antique Style Settee Can Adorn Your Home

Sep 7th 2021

Decorating your home with stunning pieces of furniture that so perfectly fit your style, personality, and overall decor is an invigorating and incomparable experience. Once you complete a room’s look, you can feel proud and comfortable every time you either walk or dwell in it. However, where exactly can you obtain those types of furniture pieces in order to best complete your home and get that homey feeling?

At Eloquence, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a wide variety of stunning, practical, and complementary furniture pieces. We carry antique, vintage, and other styles of home decor that will best fit in any room and any abode. Our pieces are all created with intricacy, passion, and the utmost care so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Now that you know where to shop for your next complementary and luxurious piece, you should consider an antique-style settee. Settees are similar to a sofa, but they are more elegant and slimmer. These pieces are truly remarkable in any space, but how can you efficiently utilize antique-style settees’ unique style?

1.A Focal Point in Your Living or Sitting Room

One of the most obvious functions of this unique piece is to provide a focal point in one of your living spaces. When an antique-style settee is properly set up in the middle of your living room, it invites you and your guests to sit down, relax, and enjoy the warm atmosphere of your home.

It would also be a perfect focal point for your sitting room. While you have undoubtedly already adorned your sitting room with other fixtures for resting and relaxing, having this particular type of piece in the middle of all of them creates an undeniable pleasant presence. It is not only inviting but also allows the room to appear more open and even lighter.

2.A Complementary and Practical Foyer Piece

When you enter a home’s foyer, the most striking features are the doormat along with any quaint furniture inside. It’s customary to take your shoes off when entering another person’s home, so it’s both practical and welcoming to provide your guests with a cozy place to sit, relax, and take off their shoes. Doing this with an antique-style settee is especially so.

Having this in your foyer can be not only convenient for those looking to take off their shoes, but also can provide a semblance of comfort and what’s to come in terms of style in the rest of the house. Your guests can feel a hint of warmth and comfort while also getting a sense of your personal design style.

3.Elegant and Lightening Addition to Your Bedroom

One room that doesn’t get enough recognition in terms of sitting areas is the bedroom. While having the bed be the focal point of the bedroom is always a good idea, it can sometimes be too overpowering and can make the room appear heavy. You certainly don’t want that from the room you go to relax and rest.

One way of lightening the look of your bedroom is to add an antique-style settee. These pieces are typically lighter in colors and are naturally designed to be slim, so they can effortlessly lighten the feel and design of your bedroom. Less emphasis will be placed on the bed and will be shared by the settee, affording you a bedroom that prioritizes not only your overall comfort but also the aesthetic element of the entire room.

In terms of where to place this in your bedroom, this is entirely dependent on you, your bedroom, and your personal preference. However, we don’t suggest that it should be at the foot of your bed as a proper bedroom bench would be. Since these pieces typically have a backing, this placement would not fit well in most cases. Instead, place it against a wall that is perpendicular to the bed’s wall.

4.Cozy Piece in a Guest Room

When you have your friends or family stay at your home, you want them to be the most comfortable and stress-free. You want to provide them with a bedroom that they can come to for sleeping, but also a place for them to be in solitude and decompress on their own. By providing them with a settee that is an antique style, you can successfully accomplish this. They can sleep well in the bed you’ve given them, but they can sit comfortably and rest any time of day on the settee.

When looking for the utmost divine furniture choices for your home, we highly recommend you consider our antique-style settee options. We also offer a plethora of other stunning furniture options so you can properly and perfectly embellish your home. We can’t wait to help you create the most comfortable and ideal living space for both you and your guests.

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