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3 Easy Ways to Create a French Country-Inspired Bedroom

3 Easy Ways to Create a French Country-Inspired Bedroom

Jul 4th 2022

A home decorated in the Parisian style has an air of easy sophistication that is difficult to achieve. You should not be scared to blend styles, but you also shouldn't overdo it if you want to create a French-inspired setting that is breathtakingly chic.

When trying to make a French country-inspired bedroom, this is definitely not an exception. Chandeliers, mirrors, furniture, and ornamental accessories (and, of course, mirrors and furniture) may all contribute to your desired aesthetic, whether you actually use them or just look at them as potential new additions to your house.

For this design to work, every detail must be just right, and you must be able to enjoy all of its benefits—comfort, elegance, and functionality.

Eloquence is happy to provide its consumers with superior quality and captivating furniture pieces, including repurposed and original vintage and antique items inspired by the French countryside.

French interior design is known for its understated elegance, which manages to seem both natural and put together. French country-inspired bedrooms are often loaded with a high-low mix of styles and periods, creating an appearance that may seem tough to replicate but is really rather simple.

The simple elegance of French interior design can be appreciated by anybody, regardless of whether they are currently living in a modern Manhattan loft or a Provençal farmhouse from the 18th century.

Combine modern with more archaic elements.

French country-inspired bedrooms are known for their uniqueness and eclecticism, sometimes including pieces from many different ages, periods, and cultures. To get this appearance, mix and match modern furniture with vintage European antiques or vice versa.

In order to avoid a disorganized appearance, it is recommended to choose a limited color palette that is repeated throughout the room. Our Antique Gilt Floor Mirror, with its ornate trim and cascading floral garland, evokes the elegance and refinement of the French countryside like nothing else.

The beautiful flower garland is made up of individual pieces that are wired together so that they may hang freely and sway in the breeze. A big flowery crest in the middle and four beautiful feminine figurines at the corners make up the frieze.

Put some glitz into it.

The bed is the most vital part of any bedroom. It always draws the most attention, and rightfully so. After a busy day, you go to your bedroom to get some much-needed shut-eye. For this reason, you should make sure that your bed is not only decorated in a French manner for reasons of aesthetics but also on the grounds of your sublime relaxation.

Here at Eloquence, we offer a wide variety of luxurious and sophisticated beds. Mattresses with rustic styling or all-natural materials are available. They are available in a wide range of colors to accommodate a wide range of tastes, yet they never detract from the overall aesthetic of a bedroom.

As an example, the Olympia bed features a great headboard but no footboard for a minimalist aesthetic. The Dauphine Canopy bed, on the other hand, is a thing of remarkable elegance and calming beauty.

While these are only two of the numerous options available to you when shopping for a bed at Eloquence, you can be certain that your French country-inspired bedroom will benefit greatly from the addition of any of our beds.

This beautiful mirror would look great leaning against a bedroom wall or as a focal point on a huge wall. This mirror is both a practical addition to your current décor and a stylish way to provide the illusion of additional space.

Avoid going overboard with décor.

Don't go overboard when combining accessories with a mishmash of furniture styles. French-style interiors are characterized by an understated elegance that avoids the claustrophobia that may result from an excess of decorative elements.

When decorating a bedroom, keep only the pieces that have a specific function or are a reflection of your personality. Decorating with fewer items allows the focus to be drawn to your prized possessions, such as an antique settee or a handcrafted centerpiece.

Have at least one, and preferably two, nightstands or tables beside your bed. This will enhance the aesthetic value of your bed while also serving a practical purpose. These nightstands and end tables come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with or without drawers, and with or without elaborate carvings.

If you have a particular preference for one of these tables over another, we can readily accommodate your needs. We provide a broad variety of these lovely and endearing items, and they may all be tailored to your vision of French elegance. If you're looking for a nightstand that will wow your guests or houseguests, think about this Bronte model with a fleur de lis finish.

Eloquence guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with any of the items you purchase from us to furnish your bedroom with a French flair. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at (310) 876-0661 and we'll be happy to help you achieve this look. As soon as you're ready, we'll be there to provide our assistance in making your house look its best.

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