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3 Antique Furniture Essentials That Will Complete Your Living Room

3 Antique Furniture Essentials That Will Complete Your Living Room

Aug 3rd 2021

Is there anything better than finding the perfect antique furniture piece to complete your home? Discovering the most elegant and pristine furniture that complements your home and the already stunning furniture within it can evoke feelings of joy, pride, and satisfaction.

One area of the home that is the most important to complete is the living room. You want a place for you, your family, and guests to lounge in while being amongst congruent, soothing, and comfortable furniture. Your guests will never want to leave, and you’ll be pleased that you never have to.

Browsing through and finding the right  antique furniture for sale to complete your living room can sometimes be a daunting task, as there are so many different pieces, styles, colors, sizes, and shapes from which to choose. So, what are the best antique furniture pieces for completing your living room? Let’s take a close look at the top three antique furniture essentials for best completing your living room.


No living room is complete without a cozy place to sit, but having one that is antique is truly a marvel. An antique settee is arguably one of the most vital pieces to have in your living room.

A settee offers your living room a venerable focal point, a place to draw the eyes of your guests and, ultimately, a place for them to relax. It provides more style and slimness than a common sofa would, but the upholstery on settees is also a symphonic hybrid of comfort and firmness.

One such settee is the Antique Aubusson Settee. This piece could satisfy any living room, as its upholstered body and its wooden fluted and tapered legs can potentially complement any other antique furniture surrounding it. Aubusson upholstery always offers stunning and intricate patterns, and this settee is no exception. Dating back to circa 1900, the weathered yet magnificently original upholstery shows a scene of children playing on a farm with dogs chasing chickens around them. The trim of dark tacks and the weather dark gilt finish of the chair frames together offer definitive features. It’s a piece that certainly belongs in your living room.

If you are hunting for a settee that has a brighter appearance than the Aubusson settee, then there is another option available for you: the Antique Louis XVI Settee. The grey-blue finish of this settee allows for more brightness to illuminate from it and also your living room. This charming piece has fluted, tapered legs beneath the ribbon carved trim. With elegance and ease, this settee would pull your stunning living room together.

One of the most stunning attributes of any antique settee is its versatility. It can be placed in the middle of the room, along the wall, or even situated comfortably in a corner. If you feel like sprucing up its traditional look, it could be accented with small plush pillows or even a blanket. Wherever you choose to place your settee in the living room, it will undoubtedly be a sublime place for a sublime piece.


Pair of Antique LouisXV Armchairs

Armchairs are an imperative part of any living room, as it’s a charming accent with purpose. A settee is excellent at being the focal point of any living room, but one or even two armchairs make for the perfect companions.

You could add either one single armchair to your living room or have a matching pair to make it look complete. For a fabulous matching pair of these armchairs, look no further than the Pair of Antique LouisXV Armchairs. The serpentine legs perfectly support the white muslin upholstered seats and the burlap backs. Their black studded trims make for the perfect accent on these pieces, as do the floral carvings on the crests, aprons, and legs.

If you are only looking for one armchair to fulfill your perfect living room dream, then there is one fantastic option for you: Antique Powder BlueLouis XV Armchair. This classic armchair dates back to 1820, but still remains in an impressive condition. Much like the pair above, it has floral carvings on its serpentine legs, crest, and apron. The original silk upholstery is the right amount of weathered with plenty of flowers for its exquisite design. Your living room would boast the right amount of eloquence and class with this armchair, so purchasing it amongst other antique furniture for sale is the right move to make.


An antique cabinet evokes an unparalleled emotion when nestled comfortably in a living room. It offers the people within it a feeling of security and relaxation. On top of that, a cabinet is practical in that it holds and sometimes even displays adorable tchotchkes, amongst other accentuating objects.

One such cabinet that is ideal for accenting your living room while being practical in both holding and displaying other smaller objects is the  Antique Dining Cabinetwith Glass Doors. With its oak and original dark wood finish, this piece would fit snugly in nearly any living room. Behind the glass double-doors sits three shelves to place prideful dishes, teacups, small statues, or other such objects on discrete display. As an added bonus, behind these objects is a light turquoise for a pop of color and brightness. Below the shelves sit three exterior drawers for added storage space in a convenient and easily accessible location.

If you don’t want a cabinet to display any objects that are on the inside, then this Antique Dining Cabinet would be a perfect fit in your living room. The entire body of the cabinet is a weathered and washed Oak wood finish that has two sets of double-cabinet doors. When the top pair is opened, a teal inside with three shelves is revealed. After opening the bottom cabinet doors, two drawers sit comfortably under a shelf, the inside color matching the outside. It’s a piece made for discrete versatility, whether it’s in your living room or even in its namesake, the dining room.

No matter which of these three top antique furniture for sale pieces you choose, your living room will undoubtedly be amicable, welcoming, and complete at last. Furnish your living room in a way that would make you feel the most at ease, comfortable, and proud.

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