13 Vintage Style Ideas You Need to Add to Your Bedroom

13 Vintage Style Ideas You Need to Add to Your Bedroom

Mar 11th 2022

The bedroom: the one space in your home where you can retire to and feel secure, comfortable, and at peace. You can unwind and rest here all the while surrounding yourself with items that evoke serenity, both day and night.

Such items not only include the quintessential bedroom components, like your mattress, bed, blankets, and pillows, but other decorative elements as well. These can drastically improve the overall appearance of your personal space along with its coziness.

One such style that can effectively accomplish these goals is the vintage style. A vintage style is comprised of older objects, both furnishings and decorations, to emit a nostalgic yet romantic charm.

There are countless ways you can perfectly encapsulate the vintage style within your bedroom, but here are our 13 recommendations for superb vintage style ideas for you to add to your room today!

1.Lean a Vintage or Antique French Mirror
One of the most common understandings in interior design is that mirrors offer any room seemingly miraculous advantages. They can make even the smallest of rooms appear larger, they sublimely reflect impressive light into the room, and ultimately provide the user with an item for viewing their own reflection.

By leaning a vintage or even an antique French mirror in your bedroom, you’re certainly providing your space with the aforementioned advantages but even more so because you’ve chosen a more ornate, on-style, and boasting option.

2.Unfold a Weathered Room Divider
There is something to be said about the naturally romantic nature of a room divider. These can provide an added element of privacy when required and afford that needed “nostalgic” emotion as we cannot help but think of simpler times of corsets and gowns.

You have quite a few options here, as these can be made of weathered wood or hold delicate prints and designs. Place this in your desired location in your bedroom and notice the simple yet elegant look of it instantly pull your room together.

3.Baskets: Both Functional and Attractive
Woven baskets are excellent small additions that assist in evoking that vintage charm with ease. Strategically place several baskets in your room that are filled with other beautiful elements, such as flowers, books, and luscious blankets.

4.Opt for a Light-Colored Bed Frame
One key element for successfully creating a vintage style in any room is the colors used. Dark colors, for example, are less than ideal here. Instead, choose white, eggshell, or even beige. Your bed frame in particular should be such as it is the focal point. Either invest in a new bed frame of such a hue or paint the one you have currently.

5.Add a Canopy to Your Bed Frame with Dainty Curtains
If your bed frame has such a capability, we highly recommend you add a canopy to it. From there, you can drape dainty, whimsical, and preferably sheer white curtains. If you can’t attach a canopy, try hanging the curtains from the ceiling about your bed instead.

6.Place a Plush Bench at the Foot of Your Bed

                 antique French mirror

Bedroom benches are traditional pieces of furniture used for relaxing and assisting in changing specific garments, like socks and shoes. Try placing a plush bench at the foot of your bed for both a practical and enamoring item. As an added advantage, try placing a fuzzy fur (real or faux) blanket on it for an added cozy feel.

7.Opt for White Linens– from Comforter to Curtains
As aforementioned, white and other light colors are ideal for most of a vintage bedroom. Ensure that your linens are mostly white, including your comforter, bedspread, and curtains, to emulate that desired clean vintage look.

8.Intersperse Muted Tones for a Romantic Aesthetic
Notice in the above point we mentioned that white is ideal for most of your vintage space. While this is true, you should also intersperse some other different muted colors into your bedroom to add a subtly romantic aesthetic. These colors include gray, mauve, lighter greens, lighters blues, and lavender.

9.Add Living or Dried Flowers
Nearly any professional interior designer will suggest the addition of beautiful flowers, regardless of your preferred style. The vintage style is certainly no exception, but you should still apply the whites-and-muted-colors rule to your flowers as well. You could even go so far as to opt for dried flowers instead of living ones.

You can place the flowers of your choice in vases on nightstands, your dresser, or even in wall vases!

10.Amour for Your Armoire
Decades ago, armoires were one of the most ubiquitous elements in any bedroom. By placing such a heart-warming piece in your bedroom, you are essentially celebrating a long-lost vintage furniture item, adding major vintage-aesthetic value, and supplying yourself with ample storage space. What is not to “amour?”

11.Illuminate with Candles (Bonus Points for a Candelabra)
The warm and romantic lighting from a candle is second-to-none, one of which you should undeniably include in your vintage bedroom. Light some candles of varying sizes and strategically place them throughout your room at your own discretion. You can place them on pieces of furniture, in wall candle holders, or even in candelabras.

12.Roll Out the (Not Always) Red Carpet

                antique French mirror

Both rugs and carpets most certainly can be added to your vintage bedroom. These can not only create a more “homey” feeling but also add warmth and remarkable attractiveness to your overall private space. You can choose solid color rugs (of somewhat muted colors, of course) or those that appear a bit worn with intricate patterns.

13.Hang Wall Art (Think Floral Prints, Landscapes, and Portraits)
We couldn’t possibly discuss decorations in interior design without the mention of wall art. You can hang your desired wall art, but we do have some suggestions for this step. Opt for art pieces that have delicate floral prints, landscapes, and/or portraits. You should also stagger these when hanging them, which will create depth and further their enamoring appearance.

Looking to add some truly captivating vintage or even antique items to your bedroom or overall home? Then be sure to browse all of our offerings, as we have particularly beautiful authentic antiques and renditions of antiques and vintage pieces. One fine example is our line of antique French mirrors, but we also have other bedroom furniture, dining furniture, and so much more!

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