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10 Inspiring Accessories for Your French Country Furniture

10 Inspiring Accessories for Your French Country Furniture

May 24th 2022

French country style can be summed up with three key adjectives: casual, rustic, and elegant. This style is simple yet undeniably entrancing, as its pieces are soft and inviting for all. This includes French country furniture, such as settees, loveseats, armchairs, and armoires. But that’s not all this includes; it also applies to your home’s accessories.

As the old adage goes, “It’s the little things in life.” While it is indeed important to decorate your home with only the finest and most attention-grabbing furniture pieces, you shouldn’t forget about the smaller accents. These are what drastically improve your home’s overall ambiance, creating a more lived-in look, and making guests feel more at-home.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at just ten inspiring accessories for your French country furniture and your French country-styled home.

1.Fur Blanket
Whether it’s tossed on your sofa or the bench at the foot of your bed, a fur blanket is an excellent accessory for a French country-styled home. Fur blankets not only are exceptionally cozy to snuggle up with but they’re also great pieces for evoking a sense of comfort and, ultimately, a sense of home.

2.Table Runner
A table runner provides both an aesthetic and practical element to your home. This accessory could be strategically laid out on a dining table, coffee table, side table, console, drapery table, or entry table.

A table runner (especially if it’s white, beige, or another light color) can protect your French country furniture from dust and other particles while also adding an alluring aspect to any piece it’s laid upon, furthering its charm.

3.Perfume Candles

                                    French country furniture

We all know the aromatic value of a high-quality perfume candle is undeniable. Our uniquely formulated perfume candles provide such an enjoyable and refreshing olfactory element yet also afford soft features to any furniture pieces they’re placed upon.

Place one or several of our perfume candles around your home and breathe in the fragrances of your choice (French tea, heirloom noir, perisian peony, and many more) along with the soft design features of each candle’s container.

4.Candle Display Cloche
You can take your perfume candles’ placement and value to the next level with a display cloche. By placing a display cloche over each of your perfume candles, you are elegantly presenting your candles. The dome glass tops rest easily in the carvings within their white marble base. Our regal cloches come in both single and trio cloche options.

5.Antique Blue Glass Seltzer Bottles
Is there truly anything more reminiscent of the tranquility of the sea than shimmering glass? Our antique blue glass seltzer bottles, which come in sea foam green and bright blue, will add that sense of peace to your home. They perfectly invite sunlight while simultaneously brightening the entire space and adding a pop of color to your home.

6.Estonia Tray
Marble has long been known to be a luring material in art and architectural design. That makes it an excellent choice for various accents throughout your home as well. Our Estonia trays come in sizes small enough for a soap bar and big enough for several knickknacks, like flowers, coasters, and a candle.

These trays make your home and its smaller accessories more organized while boasting a charming aesthetic at the very same time.

7.Upholstered Throw Pillows
We all know the power that throw pillows hold, especially when we place them in delicate abundance on our beds. However, these are welcomed in various locations throughout your home aside from solely your bedroom. You can place them on your settees and loveseats in the living room, the chairs in the dining room, and even the entryway’s bench.

8.French Country Signs
Adding a sign or two throughout your home could never hurt. Ensure, however, that they match the overall theme of French country. Typically, French country signs will be elegantly weathered, regal, contain elaborate cursive, and, yes, often have French on them.

9.White or Floral Curtains
What better way is there to welcome the sunlight in than hanging light-toned curtains? When you place white and/or floral-patterned curtains in your home, you are perfectly matching the desired aesthetic for this theme but also properly illuminating your entire space. It’s an undeniable win-win.

10.Antique or Vintage Analog Clocks
Analog clocks were once an integral part of life, including in the French countryside. By adding either an antique or vintage analog clock to your home, you are sublimely aligning with the desired aesthetic and the time period’s most necessary device. You can place these enamoring items throughout your home and on any French country furniture you see fit.

Now that you have a better idea of what accents to add to your French country furniture, be sure to browse through our home scents and accents along with our extensive catalog of antique, vintage, and re-edition French furniture.

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