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Boiserie  (from the French bois, wood).  Popularized in 17th century France, although also seen in other parts of Europe and Asia, boiserie is a type of carved wood paneling which often features intricate, geometric carvings. Often used to accent windows, fireplaces and doors, as well as panels for entire rooms for added interest to a space. Boiserie refers strictly to a paneled wall element. During the 18th century, Trumeau mirrors set in the wood paneling gained popularity in France. These were used in dimly lit rooms, meant to reflect light with a candle placed in front of the mirror. Trumeau’s were also placed in the thin sections of wall between doors or window to continue the design and carrying of light throughout the room. Today, Trumeau Mirrors are one of our favorite styles of Antique mirrors for their ability to both add light and architectural details to a space. Our collection features three uniquely designed Trumeau Mirrors. Text