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Using Antique Canopy Beds In Small Rooms

Using Antique Canopy Beds In Small Rooms

Apr 27th 2022

Bed canopies are one of the hottest trends in bedrooms today. They have a magical way of turning your bedroom into a paradise. They can make a statement in your bedroom and set the whole mood of the room.

If you're looking to give your room a unique focus point by having an antique canopy bed but your room seems small for one, we're here to help.

Because canopy beds are large, they’re naturally ideal for large rooms. But with a little bit of strategic thinking and a lot of planning, you can pull off this design.

Below are some pointers that will help you design a small room with a canopy bed and decide if canopy beds are right for you.

Size of the Canopy Bed
If you’re set on having an antique bed and you prefer a canopy type but your room is small, consider getting a smaller bed.

Canopy beds can come in different standard sizes, even antique ones. If you can find an antique bed that will fit in your room and will leave enough space for other furniture, then you might just have found your perfect canopy bed.

If you can’t find one that is small enough for your room, you can try antique reproductions instead and pick a good size for your room. Obviously, you can’t get a big canopy bed for a very small room. Choose the right size of bed in relation to how small the room you’re going to put it in.

Frame Type of the Bed
The kind of frames used also matter. Wood and metal canopy beds are available, but wooden beds are often larger and take up more room than metal beds.

Compared to wooden beds, a metal canopy bed will offer your small room an open and spacious vibe. Wooden beds also appear to be heavier than metal beds, which can make a small space appear even smaller. Wooden canopy beds are lovely, but there are antique metal canopy beds with intricate designs that you'd find equally charming. You just have to look.

Check out antique metal beds in brass. Brass is used in most antique metal beds, either solid brass or brass wrapped around another metal. These beds have a timeless appeal that will complement any room decor.

Ceiling Height
Measuring the height of your ceilings is one of the most obvious things you'll need to do. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one foot of extra space above the canopy bed.

If you can't find an antique canopy bed that will go with your ceiling height, you might have to settle for a workaround.

For instance, you can buy an antique bed frame instead and just DIY a canopy yourself. A tent canopy style or a round canopy that you can hang a foot below your ceiling can still create the same dreamy effect that standard canopy beds have.

A tent-style canopy will also create illusions of space since it won't take as much space on the top as a rectangular canopy would.

Once you’ve found your canopy bed, it’s time to choose the right drapes. You can’t choose heavy drapes as these will look bulkier and will give your room a cramped look.

Choose drapes that are light and flimsy. Avoid dark colors as well. Light and bright colors reflect more light, making a space feel open and airy. Light colors maximize the effect of natural light while dark colors absorb light and make spaces feel smaller.

You can even choose not to have draperies at all. Keep the posts of your bed visible instead of covered by hanging drapes to keep your room from feeling too small.

Other Furniture
Any huge piece of furniture will make a cramped space feel even more cramped. So, if you're going for a canopy bed, avoid choosing other bedroom furniture that is huge and takes up a lot of space.

The number of furniture in your room will also have an impact on how small it appears. It will feel more spacious if your bed is the only piece of furniture in the room than if you have dressers and nightstands in the room as well.

Natural Light
Natural light can make your room appear larger. With plenty of natural light, your room may appear to be more spacious.

To get the most out of natural lighting in your room, you can do the following:

●Don’t block windows with furniture or other structure.

●To increase the reflection of natural light, use white color for window frames.

●Strategically place mirrors in your room to reflect natural light.

●Dust your windows clean to let in as much light as possible.

●To reflect light, choose white walls or pastel and brighter colors in general.

●Wherever possible, use glass windows and doors with glasses.

Check out our online gallery if you need inspiration decorating a small room with an antique canopy bed. We also have bedroom furniture that can complete the look you want for your room.

If you want more decorating tips or if you love antique furniture as much as we do, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest channels.

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