The Stunning Effect a French Tufted Headboard Has In Your Bedroom

The Stunning Effect a French Tufted Headboard Has In Your Bedroom

Mar 5th 2022

The Victorian period in England was a boom time for the furniture-tufting technique. As a symbol of luxury that arose from 16th century France, it was originally employed to hold down the supporting stuffing of beds, couches, and chairs. To this day, tufted headboards and beds are well-known for their coziness and durability.

Tufted headboards are perhaps one of the most popular designs of upholstered headboards right now, and they are adorned and completed with rivets or grommets to provide a very sophisticated and velvety appearance.

Some of them are even embroidered in a magnificent diagonal pattern from button to button to attain an appearance that is evocative of a French monarch's bedchamber. They look well in combination with brightly colored rooms, strong bedding, and large throw pillows. For those who like drama and elegance, this headboard is for them.

French Tufted Headboards, which regained popularity over the past decade, are still quite popular, particularly now that we are seeing a broad variety of design styles, ranging from genuine headboards to walls that serve as your headboard.

If your bedroom is inspired by the grandeur and sparkle of the victorian age, a French-style headboard may instantly elevate the look of the space. Their traditional appearance, on the other hand, matches a wide range of bedroom designs and will have a varied impact in a space contingent on the frame selected, the fabric covering, as well as the color and texture of the fabric.

What About A French Bed With a Romantic Tufted Headboard
One yard of fabric may completely transform the appearance of your bed, and the tufted headboard is an easy project for a guest room makeover to try out your creativity. Consider making a French tufted headboard the highlight of your bedroom if you've thought about it previously.

The bed is, without a question, the most significant piece of furniture in any bedroom. It is always the main point, as it should be, and for good reason. It is the location where you go to relax and sleep after a hard day at the office. Consequently, you must not only choose a bed with a tufted headboard in the French style for its visual appeal, but also for its supremely comfortable design and construction.

At Eloquence®, we offer a large selection of romantic and exquisite beds from which to pick. We offer beds that have a worn appearance or beds that have a natural finish. They are available in a variety of colors to complement practically any personality or style choice, but they will never overpower the overall appearance of your bedroom; instead, they will only serve to enhance it.

It's hard to think of anything more romantic than the Eloquence® Sophia Bed when it comes to tufted beds. This item is meticulously hand-carved by master artisans who understand how to form and combine the flowing lines of this French Louis XV Style piece in the most befitting manner.

Designed to be a piece that can be passed down from generation to generation, this item has a traditional, French elegance to it. Because of its surprising cocoon-style bending footboard, it has become a signature item in our collection. It is traditional and exquisite.

Maintenance and Care Tips For Your Tufted Headboard
An upholstered headboard is often a bit more time-consuming and reliant on maintenance than a wooden or metal headboard. Tufted headboards need extra care when it comes to the decorative buttons and grommets used on them. These may come undone over time and end up underneath your mattress.

Regular vacuuming is recommended to keep the material free of abrasive elements that might degrade over time or break the material. Dabbing and cleaning any discoloration or spills as soon as they occur is vital to maintaining the material fresh and blemish-free for as long as possible.

Generally speaking, a smart idea would be to treat your upholstered headboard the same way you would treat a new couch or a vanity stool.

Add A Sideboard To Complement The Look

French tufted headboard

Consider purchasing a matching sideboard to complete the look of your new tufted headboard. If done well, it may transform your bed into a luxurious, romantic, or elegant center point for your space, bringing a sense of completion to the otherwise incomplete appearance of an upholstered bed.

In keeping with the Eloquence® Sophia Bed's weathered and hand-finished surface, the Eloquence® Amboise Commode is a re-edition of a French antique. Elegant and feminine, the wavy face is an excellent choice. Dolphin-themed hardware is a sign of good fortune and abundance.

The same level of care and maintenance should be applied to these extra components as well, such as identifying stains and periodically cleaning or brushing the materials to keep them looking their best.

Tufted furniture has several advantages, but what are they?
Adding tufted furniture to a space not only adds depth and texture but also makes life simpler. To some extent, the fact that each tufting method requires strengthening the cloth every few inches helps explain why it has been popular for so long.

There is no way you will be disappointed with any of the French tufted headboards we have available at Eloquence® to complete your French-inspired bedroom décor. For any questions and comments, you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us at (310)-876-0661. We can't wait to assist you in making your bedroom seem its best!

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