Beach House Decor: How to Turn Your Home Into a Relaxing Coastal Retreat

Beach House Decor: How to Turn Your Home Into a Relaxing Coastal Retreat

Jan 5th 2023

There are few things more relaxing than coming home to a beach house: soothing nautical tones and warm, weathered interiors can only make you want to kick back, put your feet up, and lounge to your heart’s content. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to live by the ocean to live in maritime bliss. Coastal design style is and will continue to be popular among homeowners, so long as there are those who love the sea. It’s a great way to introduce a fun and breezy aesthetic to your home that’s still clean and infinitely comforting.

Give your home that distinctly beachy vibe by incorporating these key design elements:

Use the right colors

Coastal design is characterized by the use of a handful of specific color palettes. You can easily give your home an oceanside feel when you make use of colors that draw from the sand, sea, and sky: think varying shades of blue, lots of whites, and neutral colors such as light beige and brown. To accent the space, use colors that remind you of things found by or near the beach, such as turquoise, palm green, and seafoam.

To keep with the maritime theme, you’ll want to steer clear of colors that may be too dark or loud like red, orange, or yellow. It’s best to avoid bold patterns and prints such as animal prints or floral ones, too. You can (and should!) use navy blue, but only sparingly as an accent color, to keep the room from feeling too heavy. Stripes that are reminiscent of the outfits that sailors wear can further emphasize the coastal look.

Bring in whitewashed furniture

In furniture, the term “whitewashing” refers to the process of painting a surface (usually wood) with white paint that has been diluted with water. This allows the natural wood grain and pattern to show through and provides a weathered, rustic appearance. Whitewashed furniture goes well with coastal design because it gives off a light and airy appearance.

A white wash dining table, such as this Gustavian dining table from our catalog, is an excellent centerpiece for a beachy dining room. It’s an authentic European antique made with materials that are over 100 years old, but still retains its natural beauty. It comes in a weathered peach finish that allows the natural wood to show through. The legs of this white wash dining table are simply squared and tapered, for a timeless style that will remain fresh and relevant for years to come.

Looking for something more grand? This vintage trestle white wash dining table is another beautiful antique from our collection. It’s made out of whitewashed oak and gives off a sturdy look, thanks to its thick, two pronged trestle legs. This piece is between 50 to 100 years old and heavily patinated, giving it a more lived-in yet nonetheless luxurious feel.

Take a relaxed approach to fabrics and textiles

Light and easy-breezy is the name of the game when decorating in the coastal design. You can easily promote and reflect those moods by choosing lightweight fabrics that don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Linens and light cottons are the way to go here. They’re breathable, supremely comfortable, and aren’t at all difficult to keep clean. Consider pairing a Whispy White or Harvest Linen slipcover when you buy one of our Scandinavian Bergere seats; you can get one in a worn oak finish that goes well with the maritime vibes you’re looking to achieve. Our custom-fitted linen slipcovers are comfortingly weighty and have a nice, natural texture, giving them a laidback look. They’re as easy to put on as they are to remove, and are machine washable.

Apply the same easygoing approach to your floors with area rugs made out of natural fibers such as jute or sisal. To mimic the look of sand between your toes, go for ones that mimic its shades, such as light beige or pale gold.

Mimic beachy scenery with art

Living by the sea is always nice when you’re going for a coastal look in your home, seeing as how the decor is, well, right outside your door. In the absence of a real ocean view, though, you’re allowed to get creative with your wall art instead.

You can fake a window that will make you feel like you’re in an oceanside retreat with framed paintings, posters, or photographs that heavily feature the sea and the clouds. Size it appropriately, and it can be a great way to fill a big, empty wall.

Do exercise restraint with the rest of your decorative items, though. Seashells and pebbles do bring in a beachy feel, but overusing these elements throughout your home can make it feel kitschy.

For more beautifully whitewashed furniture and antiques that will go well with your coastal interiors, check out our main page now.

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