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A Straightforward Guide to Decorating With Antique Floor Mirrors

A Straightforward Guide to Decorating With Antique Floor Mirrors

Dec 2nd 2020

Mirrors aren’t just ideal for getting dressed and applying cosmetics. These elegant items can be used for beautiful home decor arrangements as well. Antique floor mirrors specifically are perfectly suited for brightening up rooms with their large reflective surfaces and ornate designs.

You may already have some ideas as to what you want to do with your floor mirror, and are looking for a little guidance. Either way, we’re going to cover some of the essential points you need to know about these stylish and timeless decor pieces so you know exactly how to utilize them in your home.

Why Floor Mirrors Make Great Decor Pieces

Floor mirrors offer a great blend of practicality and style that can be used throughout your home to create unique looks. Don’t think that your mirror is restricted only to the bedroom, as these decor pieces shine no matter where they are placed in your home.

One of the reasons why they are ideal for use as decor pieces is simply that their intricate frames and attractive designs are always a pleasure to look at. If you are careful with your placement, you can immediately help bring out the rest of your antique pieces and really help a room come together.

Another reason why these mirrors make great decorative pieces is that they are actually quite easy to utilize. You may find that some oversized antique mirrors may be difficult to fit into certain areas, but on the whole, these pieces are easy to use in a variety of locations because they have such a slim profile. As long as you have a bare wall or empty corner to use, your mirror will have a home. Compared to other pieces of furniture and decor, this is quite a breath of fresh air.

The Perfect Answer For Cramped Spaces

Antique floor mirrors can be used in small rooms or cramped spaces to help make a room feel brighter and more open. The way in which mirrors reflect light can be used to your advantage when arranging your home, as long as your mindful of the direction in which light is coming into the space in question.

This can be quite effective because not every room in your home is going to always have perfect lighting. An abundance of shadows can detract from the style of your furniture and make a room appear dull when it shouldn’t be. By including a large mirror into the mix, you can help spread what light there is around and create the illusion of more space where it is much needed.

One way you can use your floor mirror is to slide it into a corner or place it on the wall opposite and to the side of the primary light source or window. You can even place a stately vase or armchair in front of the mirror if you are short on room. You might think your small bedroom or den are the last places you would want to add more furniture into, but if you utilize a floor mirror correctly, you can truly help these small spaces shine.

Using Your Antique Floor Mirror Artfully

Another useful decorating technique you will want to employ throughout your home is that of layering. You might not have a completely bare wall to work with, especially in cluttered or cramped spaces. The great thing about using a mirror to decorate with is that they are slim enough to fit in a variety of locations. They can easily be placed “behind” other objects and even other pieces of furniture, to create an artistic layered look that is at once charming and refined.

You can also frame your mirror on either side with vintage-style armchairs or beautiful pottery pieces. The beauty of these pieces coupled with their reflections will create a unique and creative look that can give your home a distinct air of luxury and elegance with very little work.

Finally, be sure to select a mirror that matches the design conventions of your antique funritire pieces. You will create a more harmonious space when the details of your furniture items match, including the wood grain and the kind of carvings that are implemented.

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